Co-create virtual interoperable IoT smart city applications

Welcome to the 1st HackaTown!

HackaTown is looking for creative teams to design innovative web or mobile applications during a unique two-day hackathon event, collocated with the IoT Solutions World Congress.

Two European research projects working on IoT interoperability, symbIoTe and BIG IoT, have partnered together to provide this exciting opportunity for IoT enthusiasts and creative applications developers to use several interoperable IoT platform and technologies so as to implement and improve smart services and applications. The hackathon consists of two challenges, one from each project.

The symbIoTe challenge is looking for mobile/web applications or Cloud-based services that will use the symbIoTe libraries to create cross-domain added-value offerings on top of the available symbIoTe-enabled interoperable IoT platforms and their available sensors and actuators. You will get access to 5 categories of IoT resources, all located in the same virtual city, the symbCity: Smart Home/Residence, Smart Campus, Smart Stadium, Smart Yatching, Smart Mobility. You can build your applications from scratch or extend existing IoT applications with interoperability and cross-domain features.

The BIG IOT challenge will provide technologies and mobility & environmental data to allow you to hack and play with parking, cars, environmental sensors, bicycles to develop sustainable and efficient way to live and travel in a smart city. You will get access to BIG IoT Marketplace and API for the development of new applications/services based on existing BIG IoT offerings nad/or for the integration of data/services and development of new applications and services in the following domains: Smart Mobiligy & Environment and Travelers experience & Eco-route.




The Challenges and Hacking Opportunity

Registered participants will have access to learn the details, and experiment or test the technologies, platforms and services, and have the opportunity (in advance of the competition) to look across the different IoT platforms information sites, development wikis, software code repositories, etc. The offered technologies, services and solutions described can be used freely during this period.


BIG IoT Proposal :

By using our BIG IoT API (offered here as a lib), IoT platforms and services can provide their resources in a generic way. Using the same API lib, IoT applications (but also services) can consume those resources very easily. In this way, the BIG IoT API lib solves the today’s interoperability issues between IoT providers and consumers.

Once a platform or service is using the lib, their resources can be registered as offerings on the BIG IoT Marketplace. For example, an IoT platform could offer data on the status of parking spots (occupied or available) within a city. An IoT service could provide the functionality to reserve resources. An application could access both with the BIG IoT API and combine them to enable reservation of parking spots. Our API libs are provided in Java.

BIG IoT project exploitation with app creation (on your smartphone or notebook..) and source integration in different domain/use-cases, i.e. smart mobility and environmental monitoring, and provide results on:

  • development of new applications/services based on existing BIG IoT offerings. This kind of proposal only focuses on development of new applications and services using the existing offerings.
  • integration of data/services as new offerings on the BIG IoT marketplace and development of new applications/services based on new and/or existing BIG IoT offerings. This kind of proposal foresees both platform integration and development of new applications and services. Participants are expected to do both activities at some level

You will be able to integrate resources and develop services and applications for various use-cases and domains that can be possible as:

  • Smart mobility & Environment

The exchange of data between mobility and cities is going to be crucial in the context of the future of mobility. Every city is a living entity full of sensors and devices logging what’s happening on the streets. Provides environment information from air quality detectors.

What services are going to be created using the capacity to exchange data among thousands of devices & services and the city itself?

  • Enhancing the traveller (citizen) experience & Eco-route

Drivers and passengers are becoming increasingly demanding of their cars and digital interactions with them. Smartphone applications can help to make our lives easier; our cars cannot fall behind.

E.g. Use BIG IoT Marketplace as a data feed of air-quality measurements in the city of Barcelona, in order to create an eco-route engine, so it can give you the path from A to B avoiding high polluted areas if this is the case, including the features of your own car (e.g., if you have an electric car, the app will not avoid any area. If you have a very old car, it will avoid it). It would be great if the application could be Android Auto compatible. As a detail, the participants could fake the kind of car you have for simulation purposes (electric, old, with certifications to drive in a period of high pollution…). What new digital applications to improve our driving experience are going to be present in our smartphones and cars?




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We are looking for creative, interdisciplinary teams of up to 4 members that will be able to design, implement, pitch and demonstrate innovative software solutions. Experts on web/mobile app and cloud-based service development, UI/UX designers, as well as pitching/presentation skills are desired profiles of the team members.

Participants must be 18+ years. All nationalities, ethnicities and genders are welcome to participate.


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Sergios Soursos

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Quality