Participants can form teams consisting of 2-4 members and can apply for only one challenge. The hackathon will start with a workshop so that participants can get familiarized with the technologies offered by the two projects. Each team will be assigned a mentor who will advise its members during design and implementation. Apart from the mentors, additional experts from both projects will be available to provide technical support. After the end of the hackathon, the teams will have to pitch thier idea/product and demonstrate their software in front of the judges. Finally, the jury will decide and announce the winning teams for each challenge. The total budget for the prizes amount to 14.000€




Provided Development Tools and Available Documentation 






BIG IoT Introduction

BIG IoT is a H2020 European project that focuses on providing open source tools to enable IoT Ecosystems interoperability, with BIG IoT technologies it is possible to enable cross-standard, cross-platform, and cross-domain IoT services and applications. BIG IoT is part of the European IoT Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI). BIG IoT focuses on services and applications, starting with connecting IoT platforms from the BIG IoT partner companies and implement services and applications in different cities i.e. Barcelona, Piedmont, and Berlin/Wolfsburg.

The BIG IoT project has implemented: The BIG IoT API and the BIG IoT Marketplace. The BIG IoT consortium aims that with these two technologies, it is possible to build IoT ecosystem(s) where European companies can exploit their data business potential. 

The BIG IoT Overall Design

The figure below illustrates the BIG IoT approach. All registered platforms and services are discoverable on the Marketplace. The API gives the functionality (discovery, data access, security, etc) to easily build IoT applications on top of this ecosystem.

BIG IoT Functional Architecture Approach

What you can do with the BIG IoT API and the BIG IoT Marketplace?

You can Integrate IoT data sources, platforms and services with the BIG IoT Ecosystem by implementing the BIG IoT API. This enables an interoperable interaction of services and applications with existing IoT platforms.

You can Share offerings/resources from your services and applications through the BIG IoT Marketplace. It enables their advertisement, discovery, monetization, and reuse by the ecosystem participants.

You can Engage with your potential customers to offer them data services in the form of offerings and they can act as online consumers to your data assets.

BIG IoT Tools and APIs



BIG IoT API is offered as a lib, you can download it [here], with this BIG IoT API lib, IoT platforms and services can provide their resources in a generic way. Using the same API lib, IoT applications (but also services) can consume those resources very easily. In this way, the BIG IoT API lib solves the today’s interoperability issues between IoT providers and consumers.

BIG IoT Marketplace

and On-line Portal

BIG IoT Marketplace is a platform or service using the lib, for registered resources that can be exposed as offerings on the BIG IoT Marketplace.

Visit the BIG IoT Marketplace online Portal at



Developers’ Guide

You can have access to BIG IoT Developers’ Guide with instruction for: Getting started / Provider Tutorial / Consumer Tutorial / Release Notes / Examples of the last stable versions, from which you also have the possibility to Download BIG IoT LIBs.


Standards Compliant

Data Model

The online pages with the documentation of BIG IoT Domain Models that contain the semantic terminologies used to annotate our Offering Description Can be found at:    


Online overall


More information in BIG IoT's project deliverables, in particular deliverables 3.2 and 4.2. If you are looking to more details about the BIG IoT project go to BIG IoT website where you can find a list of public deliverables with more details about the project and technologies.

Using the BIG IoT Libraries

It is easy to get started to dive into the BIG IoT ecosystem. These libs allow providers to register and manage their offerings and consumers to access offerings from the BIG IoT Marketplace for example, an IoT platform could offer data on the status of parking spots (occupied or available) within a city. An IoT service could provide the functionality to reserve resources. An application could access both with the BIG IoT API and combine them to enable reservation of parking spots. See at the Figure below the BIG IoT Marketplace Design.

the BIG IoT Marketplace Design

 Looking forward to seeing amazing outcomes from a good solution that reflect your abilities in

  • Concept
  • Implementation
  • Presentation
  • Business plan